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Five crypto investment strategies that turn my portfolio around making $2500 monthly

There is a vast array of investment strategies available, appealing to a broad spectrum of investors.

Whether you’re in crypto for the long haul or looking to flip short-term gains, the best way to invest in cryptocurrency is by using a solid cryptocurrency investment strategy.

Here I will share some of the strategies that turned my portfolio around spilling more than $100 monthly.

These strategies are viable irrespective of the market cycle phase we might be experiencing. it’s expedient in this current market cycle phase we are experiencing.

To some degree, a sound crypto investment portfolio strategy will help you navigate super-fast parabolic pumps and 100% dumps of the market.

Okay, here is the thing for newcomers to crypto, seeing their portfolio fluctuate so much can cause people to panic sell.

Also, pumps can cause the fear of missing out (FOMO), often leading to mistimed trades.

It is not uncommon for emotions to get in the way of crypto trading and investing.

However, with a strategy, you can relax knowing you have calculated and formulated the best cryptocurrency investment strategy for you.

A cryptocurrency investment strategy doesn’t have to be complicated.

Below I’ve tried to explain the strategies I use and how you can copy them to work for you.

  1. Diversification: the first strategy thing I did is to diversify my investment; I painstakingly studied most of the projects (if you don’t know how to do cryptocurrency research I made a video on that you can watch it on my YouTube at the end I roundup with 50 promising coins that will always recover faster whenever there’s a market correction or drastic negative market cycle like we are witnessing now.
  2. Document your plan and set rules to manage your portfolio: just recently financial advisory firms reluctantly have started recommending cryptocurrency as an investment instrument. One good thing about is they are using the traditional investment wisdom use in stock and equity investment. Now, it is common to have a dedicated crypto investment portfolio plan that organizes all the strategies I explained here. The portfolio first is constructed in line with the context of the client financial goals and the strategies are arranged in a way you can self-manage your portfolio without being a professional financial consultant. Meanwhile, I can help you construct a crypto investment portfolio plan personalized for you; click on the link: SUBSCRIBE and tell me about your financial targets, what you aim to achieve by investing in crypto.

There is no single “right” cryptocurrency investment strategy — rather, the right strategy for someone varies from person to person. When trying to formulate your investment plan and develop your investment strategy, key considerations are financial goals and risk tolerance that’s why you need to talk to us let’s help you fix your portfolio.

  1. Dip reserve fund: one of the smart decisions I made this year is to allocate a special fund for buying the Dips, so when the market is dipping I don’t even bother where to get money to buy the dip I simply reinvest this fund using DCA and this has proven to be a very effective strategy. Okay, you might ask where I got this fund. While it’s a known fact crypto markets have what is called a market cycle like the stock market or equity market. If you understand the psychology of the market circle nothing will surprise you when it comes to crypto investment and trading ( to know more about the psychology of the market cycle click here so using this knowledge I set aside some profits I made during the bull run. I called this fund Dip reserve fund (DRF). To grow the fund I invest it in P2P trading, which has a minimal risk exposure and a better return on investment. The next strategy I use is called: Dollar-Cost Averaging.
  2. Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA): is a cryptocurrency investment strategy whereby investors allocate an amount of capital periodically to build up a position over time. This is often the best way to invest in cryptocurrency for those that receive a salary each month or have a Dip Reserve Fund. Many people don’t have access to huge piles of cash. Therefore, some might find that dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is an easy way to budget for investments. This could mean investing every few days, weeks, once a month, or quarterly. The idea of DCA is to reduce the effects of volatility. Often when making large investments, a significant price correction can be disheartening. Bringing emotions into your investments is never a good idea. By using the DCA method, investors can even out their average entry price and steadily build up a portfolio. You might ask which coins do I invest in. okay, categorize my portfolio into five pools and use traditional investment allocation strategies to buy and hold viable projects, so the next strategy I use is proper asset allocation.
  3. Asset Reallocation: Portfolio management is key for any investor. Effective portfolio management often considers macroeconomic factors before reallocating parts of a portfolio based on informed decisions. This differs slightly from other investment strategies, as assets are usually reallocated based upon performance over a given period. Asset reallocation is sometimes difficult to forecast as nobody can predict the markets with exact accuracy. Sometimes, a highly speculative investment could take off out of the blue. It is at this point that some investors may wish to take profits, or reinvest their gains into another asset. This process is fluid and can become quite intuitive. For example, a disciplined investor may have a loose strategy whereby a small amount of their portfolio is allocated to higher-risk assets. Depending on the individual’s strategy, they may choose to take profits after a 2X, 3X or 5X increase on their initial investment. From here, profits can be reallocated into new positions and/or a hodl portfolio. Because of space, I won’t exhaust all the strategies I used all organize them how you can adapt them for your case. Meanwhile, here are strategies I use to explore; staking, leveraging token trading, buy and hold, Algorithmic Trading, and intraday trading of the spot market. Well, if you need my help to adapt these strategies just click here: SUBSCRIBE I would love to help you.

It is crucial to have a cryptocurrency investment strategy.

Doing so gives you a much higher chance of making a significant return on investment, without the emotional rollercoaster of a bull run. If you don’t have a strategy, you could miss out on huge gains.

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